About HK Brand

Since its inception in 2005, 

HK Brand has comprised 

92% of the brand members 

of manufacturers,distributors

and retailers.

Since 2018, HKC blockchain financial service platform has been established which serve to hundreds of thousands of global dealers and global buyers every day. 

HKC aims to solve the issue of trust between global cross-border trade payment、settlement and supply chain FBC, which will produce, order, and stuff flow process up the chain, to create the application of the world famous supply chain ecosystem.

Our Mission

We Make Your Supply Chain Transparent and Intelligent

HKC offers digital supply chain monitoring and analytics solutions that are simple to use and easy to integrate for a wide range of applications, including pharma. We leverage proven IoT and blockchain technologies to simplify our customers value chain automation and provide trusted data, fulfilling regulatory and internal quality requirements. 

Our Solutions

Trusted Data Collection,

Sharing, and Analytics

Our solution portfolio consists of HKChain.

They allow you to turn untapped supply chain

data into your most valuable business


Overcoming Challenges in the Digital Supply Chain

Solving Key Challenges in Your Digital Supply Chain


Monitored data is verified on the blockchain. 

Temperature parameters create a unique record to the smart contract for each shipment, it is verified at readout to ensure data authenticity.

Storing data sets on the blockchain ensures that they have data integrity throughout their useful life and cannot be altered.


Smart sensing for a wide range of environmental conditions.

The latest connectivity options enable seamless process integration and notifications.

Cryptographically secure hardware ensures data authenticity and that data cannot be manipulated.


Self-learning models replace the manual modelling of shipment scenarios with a large variety of feature sets.

Machine-learning methods facilitate high accuracy prediction and pattern recognition.

Easily retrainable models adapt to changes in business scenarios.

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